Parish Life

Be Involved in the Catholic Parishes of the Blue Hills!

Our collaborative is an active group of three wonderful parishes who have much to offer in the way of ministry and parish life. In addition to liturgical ministries (i.e., those that invovle assisting at Mass), there are multiple opportunities in our parishes glorify God and help our neighbors through community-oriented service:

Additionally, our Pastoral Council provides assistance and counsel to the pastor in fostering and promoting pastoral activity throughout the Collaborative, while the Parish Finance Councils assist and advise regarding the temporal goods of the individual parishes.

We also come together for a variety of events throughout the year, both social and sacred, including:

With the ongoing uncertainties during the COVID pandemic, we are obviosuly limited as to how much we can do and the manner in which we can do it. Nevertheless, keep informed as to the latest in parish life by following the News section of our site, reading the Bulletin, and checking out the calendar.

If you would like to get invovled in parish life, or have an idea for a new minsitry or activity, please let us know!

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