September 23, 2018


I will go out on a limb by saying I believe that our religious education teachers and staff are truly among the unsung heroes in the Collaborative. Think about it: most parents, if they enroll their children in “CCD” probably never even meet the adults who instruct their children in the faith. We just presume they will be there, and our children will be taught about their religion. Unfortunately, many adult Catholics who are parents do not feel that they themselves are adequately prepared to teach their own children their faith. There may be many reasons for this. But I put it this way: because parents don’t feel competent, they are not confident in their ability to speak at length about their beliefs. I realize that with all the other responsibilities and obligations adults have in a family, their own spiritual growth many times takes a back seat. That means there is probably not a lot of growth taking place in their own spiritual lives, so they get “stuck” in the past.

One of my greatest privileges and challenges is having conversations with adult Catholics about our faith. We can learn so much from each other. At times, some may appear to be shocked by my beliefs, but I continue to read, study, and learn about my faith. It will never be stagnant, but always evolves. If other adults don’t have the time to spend doing their own research, I’m happy to enlighten them with the insights I’ve gleaned from the scholars and theologians that I follow. Most parents try to keep up with so many areas that concern their children. I’m convinced that spirituality is among the most important, yet neglected areas.

I find it tragic that so many “youngsters” decide whether religion is any longer a priority in their lives by telling their parents that they don’t want to attend religious education classes. I remember when that was not an option. Keep in mind that our spiritual growth can be stifled and stunted once we stop putting ourselves in a position to learn. If that tendency continues, the adult Catholics in the near future will be even less able to have an intelligent conversation about their faith.

So I thank all of our parishioners who volunteer as catechists to share their faith with the youth of our Collaborative. Your time, presence, spirit, and faith are a gift to all of us. We thank you and we affirm you.

Our new year begins September 23 for Grades K-10. For more information, contact Sheila Farley at 857-342-9500, Ext. 22, or online at

Enjoy Life!

Fr. Coyne


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