September 1, 2019


Fr. Charles and I have been at the Blue Hills Collaborative for over 5 years. As I prepare to leave my position as Pastor of Most Precious Blood, St. Pius X, and St. Anne parishes, I once again thank you for your presence, faith, and inspiration. I realize that our allegiance to our own parish is what it was all about as Catholics growing up. We were literally in competition with one another: who had the largest CYO, who beat whom in CYO sports, which parish had the best parish shows, bands, drill teams, drum corps and color guards. we competed against each other. We identified with our parish schools, we each had our own Christmas bazaars and going way back we belonged to the Holy Name Societies and Ladies Sodalities. So it was not easy to transform our mind set from parish allegiance to collaborative concept. But you were the pioneers, the troopers. Many of you adjusted and were willing to “cross parish lines” and celebrate Mass in another parish in the collaborative when necessary. I noticed many enjoyed the experience and many have felt very welcomed and comfortable identifying with the Collaborative rather than any individual parish. I know of about 4 large collaboratives like our own (3 parishes) that were not able to make the transition and actually had parishes “secede from the union.” We were able to create a spirit that overcame the competition of the past.

Much of that success is due to the wonderful, professional, and dedicated staff that serves the people of the Collaborative. We have had some personnel changes during our time at the 3 parishes but I believe our parishioners are always a priority. If we are going to preach the gospel we need to lead by example. How blessed are we with our Office Manager (Ana Chavez), Director of Finance (John Manning), Director of Ministries (Anna Williams Cote), Facilities Manager (Mike Pankievich) Faith Formation Director (Sheila Farley), Music Director (David Jenkins), Administrative Assistant (Kathy Ryan) Flynn), Custodial staff (Oscar Salas and Gerry Gill), Some of our staff are more visible than others. We have a deep respect for each other and work well together. Our mission is to help you and ourselves to have a positive experience of God in our lives and to acquaint others’ with God’s unconditional love.

Father Charles and I have lived together at 43 Maple Street and we also have a deep respect for each other. It is a privilege to share ministry with other priests and we have enjoyed working together at the Collaborative. I wish him the best as he continues to serve you. Hopefully, when the new pastor arrives, they will both continue to build on the long parish histories in all 3 parishes and work together to build on the short history of the Blue Hills Catholic Collaborative.

I will be getting settled soon in a rectory somewhere in the Archdiocese and then wait for my short term assignments on the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

It’s a good life: Enjoy It!
Father Coyne


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