October 8, 2017


Happy Columbus Day weekend! Some who have done their homework and have discovered that from their perspective the history surrounding the events of 1492 is not all positive, have suggested the name be changed to “Indigenous People Day.” I have to admit I haven’t really followed the issues and so at the present time I have no strong opinions. I may choose to do a little more investigating as time goes on. I don’t discount the fact that just because something is presented as history, that is the whole story. I think of the expression “to the victor belong the spoils.” Then I begin to wonder who does write the history books anyway, and wouldn’t their own life experience and beliefs affect their perspective? 

But for now I continue to be grateful for the Americas; North America, Central America and South America. I wish I was more of an historian, but it takes a lot of investment, and has to challenge long-held beliefs. That is why people who do read a lot of history can really challenge the rest of us with their knowledge, and make us very aware of our own ignorance about the past. So, sometimes we avoid the conversations and are comfortable just “knowing” that whatever we read in history class has got to be the truth. If my field of study was history, I am sure I’d be very excited to find out new knowledge through research, and want to share that information with at least my friends, if not the world. 

I feel strongly about the subject of theology. I just can’t read enough about my faith and how God affects our lives. Obviously that includes the Church and all of our history and teaching. 

This can also be painful at first because like history, we are taught certain things and we just assume that because it appeared in a theology book or was taught to us by a person in authority, that it is not just the truth but the whole truth. So naturally we can literally be in shock when we realize that all Catholic theologians do not agree about their concept of God, and therefore see the role of the Church very differently. That can mean how the Bible is interpreted and how we celebrate the Sacraments (including the Mass) can be deeply influenced by new knowledge. 

So I am thinking just as we as a country seem to be looking at holidays from different perspectives, we as Catholics may also be looking at holy days differently.  

Enjoy Life!  
Fr Coyne


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