October 29-30, 2016


It amazes me how some of the most enjoyable experiences of our childhood can become so threatening to generations today. I am talking in particular about “clowns.” They were a sign of joy, laughter, creativity, intrigue, admiration and healing. Recently, clowns have become suspect because of the need to threaten and frighten others. What was once anticipated is now feared. You begin to wonder, “Is anything sacred?”

This becomes even a bigger story because Halloween is this week. Some cities and towns have banned clown costumes as their simplicity is now complicated. “In the good old days” it was a community celebration. Our streets were mobbed with kids and teenagers enjoying a night “on the town.” People were excited to watch their children choose their costumes and parade up and down the streets. Almost every light was on and you knew you were welcome. We would bring home bags of candy and one of our greatest joys was dumping the bags out and separating all of the candy. We would then trade with our siblings for our favorites.

Today, some parents choose not to allow their children out on Halloween because they are not assured of their safety. Some adults drive their children from one neighborhood to others that they feel are more “children friendly.” There are families who now have neighborhood parties where the children can still dress up and receive candy, but they try and provide a safe environment.

More and more, homes no longer have their outside lights on as they do not want to bother, possibly because they fear for their own safety. This can be true, in particular if an elderly person is living alone.

The world today continues to evolve, and as it does, we all have to make adjustments.

In our lifetime we have seen Halloween transformed from a children’s celebration to primarily an opportunity for adult parties. It is one of the most financially beneficial “holidays” for retailers.

I think I told you that my “dream job” is to be in charge of the Complaint Department for the Roman Catholic Church.

One of my other dreams is on Halloween night to go to Foxwoods dressed as a priest!

May all children, teenagers, and adults be respectful and kept safe as we celebrate Halloween (2016 version).

Enjoy Life!
Fr Coyne


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