October 29, 2017


Next weekend is Vocation Sunday. As you know, in the past, we believed you either had a vocation (priesthood or religious life) or you didn’t have a vocation (the rest of society). We must have believed that a “calling” was reserved for Church ministry only. Today, our eyes have been opened and we realize that everyone is called by God to enhance their own lives and the world in one way or another. So we celebrate vocations such as those called to married life or to live as a single person. We also recognize callings beyond that to public service, or the trades or the business world. Obviously, there are many who are not happy with their “jobs” and would never see their position as a calling. But for those of us who just love what we do and know how enhanced we are in our careers, we are comfortable with the word “vocation” and would like to believe it is a “calling” and we are making a positive difference in the world.

I have met a lot of people in my role as a priest and have befriended many married couples and single people who are as fulfilled in their relationships as I will ever be. They are making a positive impact in their own families, neighborhoods, parishes and in the lives of those they touch through their work and example.

Personally, I know I am open to God’s call because I am fulfilled and happy as a priest. Could I be as content if I followed another path? The answer could be yes. That is what we call the “unknown.” Every one of us eventually makes choices that determine our path and how we experience the journey. Some have the need and the opportunity to change vocational choices. Those reasons may be very personal or brought about by unforeseen circumstances.

Do we meet friends and acquaintances who may have chosen the “wrong” vocation in our eyes, and we feel they are not having a positive influence on the world? Very possible and I hope they are able to make a change for their own sake and for those who love them.

Years ago, if someone left the priesthood, it was seen as turning their back on God, and their families were embarrassed. It was not talked about.

Today, I am happy for a “young” man who discovers that the priesthood is not a profession that is fulfilling for him or that he needs a relationship in his life that he hopes will bring him the peace that he may not be experiencing as a priest.

The God I believe in today accompanies each of us on our life’s journey and only wants what is best for us.

Enjoy Life!
Fr Coyne


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