October 15-16, 2016


I put a lot of effort and thought into my stewardship talk at the Masses on October 1st and 2nd. I felt good about the approach because I believe it was honest and practical. Whenever I preach, I try to speak about a message that I myself need to hear. So I spoke about our present situation financially and the hopes I have for our financial future. I am writing these words on October 5th, so I have no idea how our average parishioner may respond to my plea. I did receive a lot of positive feedback on my presentation, which made me feel that I was understood. I truly believe that a Catholic and their parish are attached at the hip and that it is not easy for a Catholic to separate herself/himself from “their parish.” I know it happens periodically for some when they just don’t feel nurtured or nourished at their parish any longer. 

I know that parishioners at St Pius X, Most Precious Blood and St Anne truly want to see their parish thrive and the Blue Hills Collaborative succeed. So do I. I am sure all of us will be watching the Offertory figures over the next weeks to see if we can reach our goal of at least $10,000 (cumulatively) each weekend.

Whenever we drive by any construction or repairs being done in the downtown area in our neighborhoods, it is a sign of life and growth. It is also a sign that the local economy can support these efforts. We have begun and will continue to witness a lot of work being done in all 3 of our parishes and our Churches. This too is a sign of life and growth.

I have high hopes that our attendance at all 3 parishes will continue to increase and that our parishioners’ weekly support will rise above and beyond our expectations. As I mentioned, 83% of Catholics are no longer present at Church on a weekly basis and therefore do not contribute on a regular basis, if at all (there are exceptions). We have the ability to convince our family, neighbors and friends to return to celebrate with us. It is not an easy challenge because many have left for a reason that may be personal. If that is the case, please refer them to Father Charles or me because we would be privileged to have a conversation with them. As you know, communication is a priority and it’s a gift just to get to know people, even if they choose not to join us.

Thank you for assuring our future!

Enjoy Life!
Fr Coyne


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