November 4, 2018

I want to write about two aspects of parish life that can be taken for granted and yet are vital to the health of the Church. We just celebrated a funeral for a wonderful gentleman from Most Precious Blood Parish who was a true pillar of the Church. The amount of time he spent not only at the church in various ministries, but outside the parish as well, as a volunteer for many programs benefitting those among us with the least opportunities, was extraordinary. This unassuming man never sought the limelight or expected accolades. He was a true disciple. He was a “behind the scenes” type of guy. I liken him to the middle relievers and the utility players on the Red Sox team. They aren’t the most well known, and we often take them for granted, but if they were not producing when called upon, the team would never become all it is capable of being. We have many parishioners who go above and beyond what is asked or expected of them. It is not about recognition; it’s about a calling. It was true as each of our parishes began their journey years ago, and it continues today. How blessed are we!
Speaking of “behind the scenes” services to the church and the greater community, let’s pay tribute to our St. Vincent de Paul Society. These are the men and women who volunteer countless hours during the holiday season and throughout the year, to assure that those who are struggling emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or financially, can receive assistance from the parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative. Their names are not important. Their work is vital to our mission These parishioners who serve as members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society spend countless hours throughout the year listening to requests and pleas for help. They meet periodically to discuss their priorities and how they can better serve those within the community who are in need. They make house calls when necessary to determine how they can best sense those who are suffering. There are requests for food, bills to be paid, emergencies, and moral support. Of course, at Thanksgiving and Christmas their mission enhances our desire to do all we can to allow them to continue our wonderful holiday traditions which take place at the Thanksgiving table and around the Christmas tree. Families with children become a top priority. St. Vincent de Paul is only able to respond because of your generosity and encouragement. Many of our parishioners contribute all year long at the St. Vincent de Paul boxes at the church entrances.
This weekend, November 3-4, we appeal to all of our parishioners to donate as a Free Will Offering. Members of our St. Vincent de Paul Society will be at the church entrances as you leave the church, asking for your financial assistance.  What makes us Christian is not just our presence at church, but our awareness of the world around us and the opportunities it affords us to look beyond ourselves.
Enjoy Life!
Fr. Coyne

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