May 19, 2019


The life of a parish or a collaborative is dependent on the relationships that are built and sustained among the parishioners. We can have all the members we want including registered parishioners and those who celebrate with us, but the numbers alone do not create a faith community. There needs to be a relationship among us that is constantly being nurtured and nourished socially, as well as spiritually.

Some would say the difference between the Red Sox World Series team of 2018-’19 and the Celtics playoff team of 2019 is the chemistry. Both had outstanding individual players. The Red Sox worked together and brought out the best in each other, while the Celtics failed to do that. The reasons are bantered back and forth on every sports radio station. I swore off those stations10 years ago, so I form my own opinions about what led to their success or defeat.

I’ve been reflecting on the past month and a half in the Collaborative and realize all the wonderful opportunities that are available to us because we are parishioners at the parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative. On the weekend of April 7 we had a Pancake Breakfast at the Collaborative for all of our parishioners. The weekend of April 13-14 we began Holy Week together with Palm Sunday and had over 600 parishioners and friends celebrate with Always Abba at Moseley’s on the Charles. We then celebrated the Holy Week Services on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, which culminated with our Easter Masses throughout the Collaborative on April 21. Over 2,000 people celebrated Easter with us. We had the sacrament of Confirmation take place the following weekend (April 26) at St. Pius X. On the weekend of of May 3-4, we had our First Communion Masses at St. Pius X, St. Anne, and Most Precious Blood. On the same weekend we had Cardinal O’Malley come to celebrate the 100th Anniversary Mass at St. Anne Parish, followed by a collation in the Collaborative Center for those able to join us. On the weekend of May 11-12, we joined with so many families to Celebrate Mother’s Day and honor the women who make us the wonderful people we are today.

It’s all about chemistry. We can have these occasions come and go as we go through the motions and fulfill our obligations. Or we can realize that these are milestones and present us with opportunities to build relationships and a sense of belonging. Obviously, everyone may not be able to celebrate all of these events but those who choose to be present and participate can make all the difference in the world.

It’s about cooperation. It’s about attitude. It’s about hospitality. Every parish in the Archdiocese also has these events and parishioners invested in our Collaborative surely make all the difference between a function and a celebration.

God love the Blue Hills Collaborative!

Enjoy life!
Father Coyne


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