March 4, 2018


I’m going to ask you to consider doing something that you have decided not to do in the past, possibly for very good reasons. I’m suggesting that you reconsider contributing to the Annual Archdiocesan Catholic Appeal. I realize that this idea may be very offensive to some who have made a conscious decision not to participate in the past. The Archdiocese of Boston is like any organization or bureaucracy, e.g. the U.S. Government. Personally, I don’t agree with every decision made by either the leaders of the Catholic Church, or the leaders of the United States, but I am proud to belong to both by choice. I have the right to disagree and express my disagreement in many ways as do you. We can leave the Church or the country. We can protest by marching against decisions made by those in authority. We can withdraw our financial support. These are all legitimate ways of expressing ourselves because we live in a democracy. 

There are times that we find ourselves at odds with some of our family and friends because of our political or theological views. We may at times be very happy with our leadership in the Church (Pope) or the country (President) and others whom we love are not so happy. It can create some tense moments and conversations but in mature relationships can be overcome by love and respect. 

As you know, the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese are facing some issues today that have alienated many wonderful individuals and families. I understand that. But for some reason you have chosen to remain in the Church and are determined to challenge your Church to be all it was meant to be. You do not want to see the Catholic Church lose any more credibility but are open to see us regain our prominence and place of dignity within the community and the world.

To continue to move in a positive direction the Church and the Archdiocese need our financial support. Cardinal Sean O’Malley obviously plays a major role in the decision making in Boston and in the global Church (because of his access to Pope Francis).

The crimes and lack of accountability and transparency of the past are now known and being faced. It is a long process and will affect us for generations to come. We now understand the consequences and repercussions.

I have had to make decisions about my future as a Catholic and as a priest. I have chosen to remain and do all I can to reclaim the positive image the Catholic Church seeks. I’m a single voice. My contribution to the Catholic Appeal in the Archdiocese gives me a concrete way to support all those other voices that need to be heard.

I encourage you to think and pray about our future and if you are able and willing, to make a pledge to the 2018 Campaign “We the Many, Serving as One.” Brochures are at the church entrances.

Thank you,
Fr. Coyne


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