March 26-27, 2016



Happy Easter to all of our relatives, parishioners and friends, from the staff of the Blue Hills Collaborative.

I realize that we are at many different places in our faith journeys. Some have been faithful Churchgoers throughout their lives, while others may be more sporadic in their Church affiliation. There are many Catholics today who have a need to celebrate their faith in Church only at Christmas and Easter. We respect your decision and are blessed to have you join us. I also know many Catholics who do not feel the need to celebrate their faith with the parish community regularly, but who love to be present at Church for baptisms and weddings and to support others at funerals.

No matter when you are able to celebrate at the 3 Churches in the Collaborative (Most Precious Blood, St Pius X and St Anne) you are always welcome.

I believe that our relationship with God can be a very private experience for some people. They have a prayer life and a personal relationship with God, but do not feel the need to celebrate that relationship in a community. Then there are others like myself who have a wonderful relationship with God but also feel the need to celebrate their faith with others who are also Catholic.

The Catholic Community has evolved over the years form a very homogenous gathering to a very diverse community, not just culturally, but diverse theologically as well. We used to believe that if someone was “Catholic” that we knew what they believed and why they believed it. Today Catholics come in various shapes and sizes. As you know, the Jewish faith has 3 belief experiences: orthodox, conservative and reformed. They worship at different temples and can be identified sometimes by dress (orthodox), but especially by their understanding of Scripture and their interaction with other religions, e.g. the reformed are very open to dialogue and interfaith services whereas that would be forbidden by the orthodox. The conservative movement would be somewhere in between. The Orthodox Jewish Community fears the disappearance of the Jewish faith and culture, so they are determined to maintain its presence.

Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular also have people who would consider themselves orthodox, conservative or reformed. So much of how we believe and celebrate our beliefs depends on our education, family traditions, life experiences and understanding of God.

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and our belief in life after this life, we hope that wherever you are on your faith journey may bring peace to you and contribute to making this world a better place.

Enjoy Life! 
Happy Easter!
Fr. Coyne


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