March 19-20, 2016


The difference between being pastor of one parish and being the pastor of 3 parishes is immense. I chose to come to our Collaborative because I was ready to leave my last assignment after 7 years and I was up for a new challenge. Personally, I believe there are alternatives to the choice the Archdiocese made to enter the Collaborative process. But the alternative would include looking at who is eligible to be ordained a priest and the Catholic Church is not willing to discuss that issue. So because of the shortage of ordained men and the number of people coming to Church, they decided on Collaboration.

Our 3 parishes continue to be vibrant as we have better attendance and our offertory collections are moving in a positive direction. We continue to welcome more people in our various ministries and volunteers are plentiful. There are signs of vitality and growth. Our Grand Annual last year surpassed our hopes and I believe your response to the annual Catholic Appeal will be above and beyond our expectations. There is a wonderful Spirit within the Blue Hills Collaborative.

The challenges for me would be getting to know everyone by name and having a presence at all parish functions. The numbers of children and teenagers in our Religious Education program need to be expanded. We have lost contact with many young families who I believe would benefit from a closer relationship with the Church. There are many physical needs in our facilities that need attention and we addressing those. Some are major and the Archdiocese has to be consulted and involved because they will oversee the process. Our Collaborative staff works hard and are attempting to update all parish information as we have been relying on records that go back many years. So, just trying to put together a list of parishioners is not an easy task because so many active parishioners are not listed.

We are thrilled that so many families choose to celebrate intimate sacramental moments with us. We are privileged to be invited to celebrate baptisms, weddings and funerals at our 3 parishes. Those numbers are also increasing which says a lot about our welcoming Spirit.

I thank our parishioners from far and wide who are spreading the good news about their happiness with the Blue Hills Collaborative. Your presence and faith make it worthwhile. It is all about bringing people to a deeper awareness of God’s love. For many Catholics that takes place within their parish. Thank you.

Enjoy Life! 
Fr. Coyne


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