March 12, 2017


I tend to be a very outgoing personality, so I enjoy meeting people and having conversations. I also ask a lot of questions which can be invasive to some people. The purpose of the questions is so that eventually we will realize what we have in common. As long as I just say a polite hello and go on my way, I consider it a lost opportunity to make new friends. I realize some people are very private and introverted and can be offended by those who tend to be more social. 

There is a saying that "some people are energized by being in a crowd and drained of energy when they are alone; others are energized when they are alone, and drained of their energy when they are in a crowd." We always have to respect where others are coming from; for extroverts that can be very challenging, because of our need to reach out. 

I was at a local pizza place for lunch by myself recently (having a salad) and I saw a man I thought I recognized from Church, but I wasn't sure it was him. He sat down near me but was reading the paper so he wasn't too aware of his surroundings. Of course, I was preoccupied by my desire to engage him in conversation but didn't want to invade his space. I finished my salad and was cleaning up and decided to approach him and introduce myself to see if he was the person I believed him to be. 

I am so glad that I did because he and I would have lost this chance to have a great conversation. He was thrilled that I stopped and was very complimentary about the Churches of the Blue Hills Collaborative. He is also a very animated personality and provides transportation to the elderly. He told me how often religion comes up in his conversations with his clients, and how much they too enjoy coming to Church at St. Anne, Most Precious Blood and St. Pius X. He is originally from Dorchester (St. Ann - Neponset). He was very proud to tell me that - and guess what? He is Episcopalian! 

I love being in a room full of strangers, knowing each one has the possibility of being a friend I haven't met yet. 

As much as I thrive on being with people, I also cherish my time alone, which I also need. After all, that's when I do my reading, and that is such a valuable part of my life. Right now, I am sitting outside in 65 degree weather, thinking about all of you as I write this, which tells me that even when I'm alone, I'm not. 

Enjoy Life! 
Fr. Ron Coyne


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