June 4-5, 2016


Fr. Charles and I are in the Blue Hills Collaborative 2 years as of June 3rd. Praise the Lord! We never met before we interviewed each other a couple of months before our arrival. The way the system works is that pastors are given a list of prospective parochial vicars (assistants) who are being transferred, and the priests being transferred are given a list of parishes (pastors) that need an assistant. They are given time to interview whomever they choose and try to come up with a match. If it was a website it could be called www.Rentapriest.com.

The collaborative Concept was conceived probably 6 or 7 years ago and began officially in 2013. The Blue Hills Collaborative is in Phase 2 (2014). You know by now that the attempt is to maintain individual parish identities while looking at the bigger picture: How do we thrive as parishes and take responsibility for the greater Church? In other words, we realize what it means to be “Disciples in Mission.”

I want to thank the parishioners at all 3 of our Churches for the wonderful support, affirmation and encouragement we have received. We have attempted to be transparent in our approach to ministry. It is not possible to respond to everyone’s needs perfectly, but we are trying very hard to be present to all. There are many signs that we are thriving as a Collaborative and yet there are many frustrations with the process of collaboration, locally and diocesan-wide.

Our leadership team works very hard to assure that everyday needs of the parishes are met. We meet biweekly to discuss the direction, accomplishments and weaknesses in the system. We work in close proximity to each other at the Collaborative Center, so much of our conversation takes place “on the fly” as we pass each other as “ships in the night.”

We are true believers that the “Sunday Experience” is among the priorities for our Collaborative. It is at our Sunday liturgies that we interact with the most parishioners. It is uplifting and spiritually enhancing to celebrate the Eucharist together. From the moment we begin to gather, to sending you off to bring your faith to others, we sense a strong bond among our congregations. We know how important preaching, music and hospitality are to our “Sunday Experience.” We thank you for choosing to celebrate with us at the parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative. We thank you for inviting others to join us for the celebration. We thank you for living your faith in the everyday choices and decisions you make.

I am a work in progress. You are a work in progress. We are a work in progress. Happy Anniversary!

Enjoy Life
Fr Coyne 


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