June 4, 2017


As we celebrate the creation of the Blue Hills Collaborative of June 3, 2014, we are grateful to the parishioners of St Anne, St Adalbert, St Joseph, St Pius X and Most Precious Blood for their willingness to support our parishes and the Collaborative.

Everyone at the 5 parishes of Hyde Park has a history. Those stories are vital to the Catholic community. Every parish has its founding members who actually watched their church being built. The pride that must have overtaken them as they saw their Church actually become a reality is exciting to imagine. Many of those in all parishes of Hyde Park were immigrants or second generation. They were proud to be Catholic and were determined to pass on their faith so that future generations would celebrate their faith as well. Obviously many of those living in our parishes today are direct descendants of these first parishioners. Many others are not biological descendants but are truly spiritual descendants. If it wasn’t for those who have gone before us, we very possibly would not be celebrating our faith in the Catholic Church or in Hyde Park.

Even now, we have many of our older parishioners who no longer are able to get to Church. They are homebound physically or emotionally. We remember them in our prayers. I think of the time, talent and treasure they shared with the parishes of Hyde Park for years. I reflect on the enthusiasm they brought to so many activities within the 5 parishes and the 2 parochial schools in our community. I ponder their efforts to assure their children were prepared to celebrate the sacraments in their parish. I realize how generous they were to the priests and sisters that served so faithfully in our community over the years.

I strongly believe that we have the privilege and responsibility of seeking out our long-time parishioners who are no longer able to come to Church. They have served the Church well in their earlier and healthier years. Because they never cease being parishioners in our parishes, we want to assure that we know them and would love to have someone bring them communion at least monthly. Sometimes their family members don’t realize how important this can be. It is a wonderful way for us in 2017 to let them know how much we appreciate what they have done in the past and how vital they are to us in the present.

I’m thinking of those geographically in the Blue Hills Collaborative and those who live in the former St
Adalbert and St Joseph parishes. We need your help in letting these families know they are our parishioners.

Please ask your family members or neighbors who may be in this situation, if they would like to receive the Eucharist at home. Call Fr Coyne or Steve May and give us their name, address and telephone #. We will do the rest.

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Ron Coyne


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