June 24, 2018


As I write these words, I am looking forward to being in Logan Square, tonight, June 16th, to celebrate the 150th birthday of Hyde Park.  Last Saturday, June 9th, they held Family Day at Kelly Field, and last Wednesday, they had a Senior Banquet at our Collaborative Center.  Anniversaries such as this are historic, and every neighborhood deserves to be able to celebrate it together.  The churches of Hyde Park are a vital aspect of the community, and we are privileged to support all of the Hyde Park 150th celebrations.  We all have to realize that without selfless leadership, these events would never take place.  It is through the cooperation of the business community, law enforcement, first responders, elected officials, social service agencies, and dedicated residents, that this is possible.

It is now 2:45 PM.  I will be celebrating the 4:00 PM Mass at St. Anne’s and the 5:30 PM Mass at MPB and then change into my shorts and head down to the Square.  The weather has cooperated, and there will be hundreds of wonderful residents and friends from all over, making the atmosphere in the Square “above and beyond.”  There is something special in New England about being outside in the summer, having a drink and refreshments with friends we know and with those we have not met yet.  The restaurants will be open, and there will be food  trucks offering everything we can imagine.

When I was in Dorchester, it was the Dorchester Day Parade (1st Sunday in June); in Charlestown, the Bunker Hill Day Parade (June 17th); in Randolph, the July 3rd parade and fireworks; in Roslindale, the Roslindale Day Parade.  It’s about time that Hyde Park got in the action.  Our parishioners in Milton and Dedham know how important it is to celebrate the history of this town.

Well, here I am back again on Sunday, June 17th  at 6:45 AM, and let me tell you, the celebration last night was “THE BEST EVAH!”  They predicted hundreds, but let me tell you, there were thousands gathered in the Square doing what we do best:  socializing.  There were young people, new residents, longtime Hyde Park people, and many who returned to the community of their childhood.  You couldn’t take more than a few steps without running into old friends.  The atmosphere and conversations were contagious.  There was outstanding music played throughout the night at two venues, and it added so much the festive mood.  It was one of those events that cannot be described adequately to someone who wasn’t there.  It was truly a privilege to be part of this event.

Once again I congratulate the committees of the Hyde Park 150th for the determination to make this celebration a tribute to our neighborhood, the city of Boston, and our residents.  They deserve a standing ovation!  Trust me when I tell you:  “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

Happy Birthday!
Fr. Coyne



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