June 18-19, 2016


The Blue Hills Collaborative staff wishes all of our parishioners, neighbors and friends a Happy Father's Day. I often wonder what I would have been like as a father (or grandfather).  There are many aspects of being a parent that I envy and others that overwhelm me just thinking about them.

I truly believe that if a child knows he or she is loved by their parents, it is much easier for that child to comprehend that they are loved by God. That is why it appears that in families that are overwhelmed by tragedy, dysfunction and violence, it rarely leads to a strong relationship with God that is celebrated in a Church community. There are just so many other issues going on that the subject of God or Church tends to be non-existent. In some of those cases, the only relationship a family may have with organized religion is by seeking out a local Church for monetary assistance. As Catholic parishes we are happy and privileged to assist families who struggle on a daily basis. Do I wish we had a deeper relationship? Absolutely, but I realize that may only be possible down the line and someone else may benefit from the seeds sown now.

As a Church we want to do all we can to support healthy family relationships. We congratulate the men of our Collaborative who are determined to be all they are meant to be as parents. We know some struggle with personal issues that make it difficult for them to be the parent they expected or want to be. There are separations within families and problems with addictions that can wreak havoc with our children. In both cases I love to hear the stories of reconciliation that can take place when couples are able to face those situations honestly. It doesn't necessarily mean that parents will be together again but it can mean that they respect each other enough that they can share responsibility for the parenting of their children. It can mean that both parents can appreciate the role the other parent, if healthy, can play in the child's life.

Many families will gather today to celebrate Father's Day and we celebrate with you.  There are fathers who will be alone today for many reasons. Our prayer for them is that they can experience personal healing that allows them to move on with their lives.

I know that there is a lot of anger and hurt in many families, but I also know that everyone deserves to be at peace with himself/herself.

Happy Father's Day!
Fr. Coyne


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