June 10, 2018


We want to wish all of our parishioners and friends a wonderful summer.  New England prides itself on the gift of four seasons and the joy that each season brings to our communities. Everyone has a favorite season of the year, and for many it is summer. A lot of it has to do with the weather, the relaxed atmosphere, vacation time, outdoor activity, and being surrounded by family and friends. There are some neighborhoods that become ghost towns during the months of July and August, as many of their residents head to summer homes.  I’m happy for them.  In the parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative we have families who are preparing for their “summer away” as soon as their children finish the school year.  But most of our parishioners will be around and doing a lot of their vacationing close to home (maybe getting away for a week or two).

Life in most parishes takes on a more leisurely pace over the next couple of months as staff members also take vacation.  I do a lot of walking in the warm weather and love to travel the streets of our community.  I notice how people take pride in their property and how important gardening is to so many.  I love seeing neighbors having conversations “over the fence”.  You don’t see children out playing in the streets as we did (there are many reasons for this change).  On weekends and in the evenings you can smell the barbecues and hear the backyard conversations. It is always great to see a group of teenagers enjoying themselves and acting as though they don’t have a care in the world.

Fr. Charles and I will also take vacation time during the summer, and we are once again blessed to have Fr. Paul MacDonald and Fr. Marty Shaughnessy come in to celebrate weekend Masses with us.

These two priests, in their mid-80s, are a gift to us.  We receive many compliments on their presence and their ability to relate with the people of our three parishes.  Fr. MacDonald is a diocesan priest and lives at his family home in West Roxbury.  Fr. Shaughnessy is a Jesuit and lives at B.C. High.

Wherever life takes you this summer, enjoy every minute of it.  We pray for your good health and that you spend quality moments with those you love. If religion comes up in any of your conversations, hopefully you will sing the praises of the parishes of the Collaborative. I know Fr. Charles and I will be singing YOUR praises!

                                                                                    Enjoy life!

                                                                                    Fr. Coyne


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