July 8, 2018


How blessed are we to have two daily Masses in the Collaborative! Coming to the Eucharist each morning is a wonderful way to begin our day. Each of the daily Masses becomes a faith community in itself. We have the “regulars” who are there every day, and then we are joined by people who come periodically, when they have the time or feel the need. We are also privileged to welcome families who are celebrating memorial Masses in memory of their loved ones. A beautiful spirit develops within these small congregations as we get to know each other.

While many parishes/collaboratives have had to curtail their daily Mass schedule due to the priests’ availability, we have not had to make those decisions. We have our 7:30 AM every day at St. Anne’s and we also celebrate a 9:00 AM Mass Monday through Friday (3 days at MPB and 2 days at St. Pius X). The daily Mass gives us the opportunity to bring the issues of the day to our prayer life. Whatever is going on in our world, we

can discuss and bring our hopes to God. Sometimes we dialogue during the homily as we exchange views about how our faith affects the world situation.

We try to duplicate that intimacy at our weekend liturgies. It is more difficult because the number of parishioners is so much greater. But it is possible to create a spirit of community and have the members of the congregation feel like they really belong and identify with the parish.

The human element is so important. We like to be greeted at the door and welcomed into the worship space. Calling people by name obviously encourages people to return. Having conversations before and after Mass with each other is important. Just the simple act of introducing yourself to someone sitting beside you means so much. It is a priority that those who choose to celebrate with us have a positive experience and are enhanced by the celebration.We used to call it “going to Mass.” Now we call it “celebrating the Eucharist.” Thank you for choosing to join us whenever you do. You are vital to our Church and our parishes.

Enjoy Life!

Fr. Coyne


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