July 15, 2018


I have to admit that between Fr. Charles and me there is no competition as far as our choice of sports. He is a huge soccer fan, and I am a huge follower of the Red Sox, Pats, Celtics, and Bruins. He also is an avid Celtics fan. While Fr. Charles can watch soccer or the Celtics on TV, I have no desire to sit and watch a game. I’d rather be in my car with the game on the radio (especially the Sox). Until I lived with Fr. Charles, I was not even aware of the World Soccer Cup. It just never entered into my life. Even now, as of July 6, there are eight teams left in the Match, and over this weekend and next weekend, 7-14 through 7-15-18, the final games will take place and a new champion will be crowned. When I was growing up, soccer was little known in the US, and as a result it just wasn’t part of my life. Today, it is popular among young children in the US, but the number of people who continue to pursue it dwindles greatly as our children grow up and are exposed to so many other sports and options. Even the Revolution have a difficult time getting us (me) excited. I would guess that throughout the world, soccer is the most popular sport. The numbers of fans who pack the stadiums boggles my mind. I guess I’m just not interested, and because I don’t know any players on these teams by name, it is just not going to make a difference to me who comes out on top. That being said, I am watching the news and reading the newspapers about the twelve soccer players and their coach in Thailand who were missing for ten days and have now been found alive in the cave where they sought refuge. Unfortunately, the monsoon season has trapped them in a “pocket”, and they are not able to be rescued as of today (July 8). This is truly a case of “man” vs. nature. It is intriguing to imagine all the ways that we can think of to bring them to safety and to realize that none of them can happen. The numbers of experts in so many fields who are attempting to rescue these young people is truly an inspiration. One minute they are enjoying life with no limits as young boys united by their love for soccer, and the next, they are the subject of an international recovery and rescue effort. Our prayers are with their families and with the country of Thailand.

Enjoy Life!

Fr. Coyne


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