January 7, 2018


As we get older, I’m convinced age means very little until our health starts to fail and that’s when we begin to honestly face our mortality. As long as we are feeling well we can actually deny that we are aging. Obviously, this is all about physical health. But we are also emotional and spiritual beings.

We meet people who have serious ailments and are struggling physically and we can be very impressed at where they are emotionally and spiritually. It becomes very evident as we are deeply touched by their positive attitude and determination to realize their blessings despite what many times is a terminal illness. I personally believe we create our own reality. So if someone says. “I’ll never get well,” they are determining their outcome. If we give up we can predict the outcome, if we don’t give up, anything is possible.

If there is anything that can convince me that the human spirit is indomitable, it is the gift of faith. We just celebrated Christmas; our belief that the birth of Christ gives dignity to all creation and that every human life is therefore created in God’s image. We will be celebrating the Resurrection on Easter Sunday; our belief that there is life beyond this life and that we no longer have to fear death. We will then celebrate Pentecost; our belief that the presence of God’s Spirit in each of us assures us of our unlimited potential. 

So many Catholic Christians have a poor understanding of their faith and don’t see it as a gift that enhances their lives, but rather as a burden that has been imposed on them. 

I am so grateful for the effort and determination my parents put into my spiritual foundation in the Catholic Church. Sure I have moved beyond some of what was passed on to me, but that is because my world has forced me to reinterpret some concepts of God and Catholicism that were imposed on me. I am convinced that God is as interested in conversing with me as God was in conversing with those who came before me. I need to reassess my understanding of God so that it always makes sense to me and continues to give me hope. 

The human spirit is meant to soar. My religion is meant to encourage me to become all I am created to be in the world in which I live today. My attitude toward my health, the Church, humanity and the world indicates so much about who God is for me. 

If it’s true that we only go this way once, then don’t you think we’re meant to enjoy the ride?

You’re the best!
Happy New Year!
Fr. Coyne


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