January 21, 2018


I am going to be very careful as I write these words but write them I must. If I’m not mistaken, the State of the Union speech should take place this week, although I haven’t heard or seen any sign of it happening. As you may know or conclude from my preaching or priorities, I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. 

I do believe that people in authority are expected to live by a high standard because they lead by example. Every one of us is human and we have seen humanity at its best and worst both in Church leadership and government. I realize many who voted for Donald Trump did so because they wanted to believe that someone from outside the political system was needed. I also realize how angry some Americans were with what they considered to be losing control of their country. This anger and determination to bring their understanding of what makes America great motivated their selection of a candidate. 

Say what you will about politics, but there is something to be said about knowing how to navigate the system. If you are going to be working with other elected officials you have to respect them and keep open all evenness of communication. People may have voted for Donald Trump because they were taken by his willingness and need to speak outrageously and to conquer by dividing. How many loved his arrogant and belligerent words on “The Apprentice” and talked about his autocratic approach with administration. That was reality TV; this is real life.

It seems like his entire first year in office has been one controversy after another; many brought on by words and actions that embarrass many Americans and confuse others throughout the world. To think in 2018 that you can speak publically or privately as President of the United States and not be held accountable is preposterous. When he ran for office, many laughed at his prejudicial statements and his dictatorial style. Those who agreed with his utilitarian words became strong followers, while others became scared. Last week Donald Trump made statements surrounding the immigration issue that are absolutely unacceptable in today’s society at our dinner tables, and yet people are attempting to defend these words spoken in the White House. He himself, despite the fact that they were spoken before many of our country’s leaders, is now denying he spoke this way.

In my life I have never seen so much uproar caused by anyone in leadership in this country. In today’s world where relationships are so fragile and human life is sacred, I am frightened to think of what can happen when words are spoken without thought to consequences and repercussions.

(Trying to) Enjoy life!
Fr. Coyne


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