February 6-7, 2016

This weekend we celebrate the Superbowl. They say Superbowl Sunday is the best day of the year to ski because no one is on the slopes. Although since the game doesn’t begin until 6:30 Eastern Time, I would guess the slopes are pretty full from opening till around 2:00 PM. Last Sunday, many New England fans were disappointed , but we were outplayed and our offensive line just could not protect Tom Brady. It was evident from the first series of plays. Even with that handicap, we were still one play away from tying the game and taking our chances in overtime. We can be proud of the Pats! Like many fans, I pick Carolina over Denver, despite the sentimental presence of Peyton Manning and his possible retirement. I don’t know a lot about Cam Newton but at 6'5" and 250 lbs. He is a force to be reckoned with. I saw some of the Carolina/Arizona game. I ‘ll be flabbergasted ( I love the word) if the Panthers don’t romp.

I have often said that on the professional level sports is first of all a business , secondly entertainment and thirdly, a distant third, a sport. We have lived with the hype for the past 2 weeks, we know what the price of advertising is, people are willing to pay exorbitant prices for tickets and many of us are in Superbowl pools hoping to feel the rush.

Once again I’ll be watching the game with friends in Canton. This is our 31st year. Many familiar faces who began with us have passed on or moved to other places. We continue to add new friends to the mix. Like so many other experiences in our lives, the anticipation some years is greater than the actual event. I love the game and will watch it while having many conversations. I won’t be watching the ads. I may enjoy the halftime show although I don’t think I was impressed by the lineup ( at least I don’t remember being impressed when I heard it).

The athletes themselves are just human beings who in many cases are gifted professionals who have been projected into the spotlight. Some love the attention, for other it is overwhelming.

The great majority of us will never meet any of the Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos. We will judge them on what they do on the field this Sunday. May the best team win.

Meanwhile if we are honest, it is not about what they accomplish on the field, it is about their behavior and choices off the field. I am impressed by great athletes, but I am even more impressed by great athletes who are great human beings. I salute them.

Enjoy life! 


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