February 5, 2017


Today may be the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time in the Church calendar, but most of us know there is nothing “ordinary” about Super Bowl Sunday. This is Super Bowl LI (51) and in New England we are well represented by a wonderful team featuring players like Matthew Slater, Julian Edelman, Devin McCourty, Tom Brady, Malcolm Butler and Chris Hogan. It appears to me that those responsible for the team have done their best to instill a healthy pride and honest humility in the players. Of course, it’s a lot easier to be positive and display locker room camaraderie when you are winning. By the time you read these words, we will have been saturated with 2 weeks of hype, interviews, predictions and sports talk shows.

Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve tend to find the same people in the same place year after year. I have been watching “the game” for the past 32 years with the same family (we began at Sacred Heart Rectory and outgrew the space and technology and moved the party to their Roslindale home, and then over the past 20 years we have celebrated at their “new” house in Canton. Everyone arrives with food or beverages. I spend the entire time moving from room to room, watching the game and socializing. The women and men who prepare and set out the food at halftime are unsung heroes. Sometimes when you are at an event like this and there is such an upbeat atmosphere, you want to live forever. We need events like this to give us the opportunity to relax and put all of our preoccupations on the back burner. There is a lot going on in our world and our country that can be depressing and discouraging. I want to believe that on a day like Super Bowl Sunday, we can put our political and religious differences aside and just enjoy being. I have to constantly remind myself to not bring up anything controversial; just enjoy the moment. 

I am so psyched that Lady GaGa is performing at halftime. I believe she is a wonderful and multi-talented entertainer. I heard on the news that the halftime show costs in the millions, but that she is not accepting any payment. I suppose it is all about the exposure, but I am still impressed. She, like Tom Brady, comes from a strong Catholic background. There are many Christian athletes and entertainers who are very vocal about their religion and spirituality. I hope that both Lady GaGa and Tom Brady are proud of their Catholic upbringing and will continue to celebrate their faith in the Catholic Church. 

Being human is a challenge. Being human and in the spotlight must be very challenging.

Enjoy Life!
Go Pats!
Fr. Ron Coyne


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