February 27-28, 2016


Every 4 years we have a “leap year” which I am sure serves a purpose. We turn the clocks ahead one hour in Spring and back one hour in the Fall, which also has a reason behind it. We are located in different time zones around the world which is due to the rotation of the earth around the sun I believe. It amazes me that at some point in our long history, none of the above was quantified. As time went on and humanity became aware of the role that science and the economy play in our lives, we attempted to harness the earth and determine how we could benefit from what was natural and how we might control nature.

All of this reminds me of the importance of time in our lives. We have expressions like “Time is of the essence,” “Time and tide wait for no man,” “Time heals all wounds,” and “time flies.”

The older we get the faster time appears to pass. Now I find that the days may seem to be drawn out but the weeks fly by. I think of some of the tragedies that took place over the past few weeks; 2 people in Canton killed by falling trees, a young woman from Winchester killed by an errant manhole cover, a tire coming off a truck and killing an unsuspecting driver of another car. These families are devastated and they are in our thoughts and prayers. IT is a stark reminder that life is short and relationships can be fragile. I realize there are some people who are estranged from others and may never be reconciled by choice. But there are so many others who can be reconciled if only one person is willing to make the overture and forgive or apologize. Sometimes there appear to be situations that are beyond resolution, but I believe they are few and far between.

When these sudden tragedies occur, I am given the opportunity to assess my relationships and look at my past life. There have been times when I was alienated from others because of an argument or misunderstanding, and the friendship was strained or became nonexistent. But I am so grateful that because either I or the other person was to begin the conversation again or reestablish communication, the issues were resolved. I know the toll it takes on me when I put negative energy into a relationship. It can take more of my mental time when I am not speaking with someone because it preoccupies me. Once the relationship is healed, I am free to move on with my life. We are all human. We all have relationships. They can be fragile.

At times, it is something out of the blue that challenges me to look at all the relationships in my life and decide whether those that are fractured can be healed.

I have to admit, I may not know how the other person feels when a relationship is reestablished, but I know it makes me feel like I want to “Leap for Joy.”

Enjoy Life!  
Fr. Coyne



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