February 19, 2017


During the recent blizzard I decided to read “Pilgrimage: My Search For the Real Pope Francis” by Mark Shriver. Just before his ordination, Jorge Mario Bergoglio wrote what he called his creed. With that as my inspiration I decided I would try to put my creed on paper. There may be many beliefs I have beyond these, but at this point the following are my priorities.

I believe that God is responsible for creation and continues to create anew every day. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that his birth gives sanctity to every human life and makes us all God's children, created in God's image. I believe that the Holy Spirit is the presence of God in the world today

I believe that all of God's creation (including humanity) is loved unconditionally by God and that I cannot earn or lose that love.

I am a Christian who celebrates my faith in the Catholic Church. I respect the leadership and teachings of the Catholic Church. I also have the utmost respect for the other religions of the world and I believe that in our quest for God we can learn from one another.

I celebrate the sacraments of the Church and believe they are opportunities to encounter God during sacred moments in our lives.

I believe that everyone has a soul which is our ability to relate with God from our deepest selves.

I believe that Jesus overcame death and that we will experience resurrection and celebrate new life in the presence of God.

The Eucharist is where I celebrate my faith in community and where I believe I most truly experience the body and blood of Christ at the table and in the congregation.

I believe that I am called to imitate the Life of Christ and I have come to know him in the gospels. I realize that his radical decision making challenged his disciples, then and now, to be sensitive and responsive to those who are marginalized and ostracized.

I believe that God has given us unlimited potential and if we are to live at peace it is our responsibility to live up to that potential.

I believe that no words can capture God and no words can totally encapsulate what any of us believes. 
Our beliefs will evolve as we do.

Because of my beliefs I choose to be hope-filled. Amen

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Ron Coyne


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