February 12, 2017


Incredible! Unbelievable! Phenomenal! Stupendous! - Patriots 34 Falcons 28! 

Last week in my homily I had all the right numbers, but in the wrong order. I predicted Patriots 38 Falcons 24! While I had the right numbers, the Patriots had the right moves. 

I have to have the Pastor Notes into our office first thing Monday morning for the following weekend's bulletin. I have always then written them by Sunday morning. This week I kept putting it off because I couldn't figure out what to write about. Then I thought: hold off and see how the game goes and maybe comment on that. So I did. Little did I know it would be a game for the ages.

I love the ad taken out by GE in the Boston Globe on Monday morning's paper that read "We're new to the city. Does this happen every year?" 

Like many of you I have a Super Bowl routine. I pick up my calzones (turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, steak and cheese, and buffalo chicken) and head to Canton. I also bring a bottle of wine. Like a lot of people we have a football pool and after each quarter I phone the winners to tell them of their good fortune. There were over 50 people at our gathering this year. It was a tough game to watch for nearly 3 quarters, but when Tom Brady is your quarterback anything, or rather everything, is possible. What appeared to be impossible became possible because of the team's conviction in his ability to win. A good leader is not the one with the most followers; a good leader is the one who creates the most leaders. The Patriots roster is full of men who are convinced of their potential, and the dramatic finish is testament to that. 

As I also stated in last week's homily "The Super Bowl is as American as our politics." I can see why Bill Belichick's motto of "Do Your Job," as simple as it is, has become what it is all about. Offense + Defense + Special Teams; everyone counts. 

By halftime, we were all pretty discouraged, but I got a second wind as I watched Lady GaGa sing and perform. She is a talented woman and artist. From Poker Face to Bad Romance, to Born This Way, to Million Reasons. For me it could not get any better. 

Then the comeback began and we were all mesmerized. 

I am thrilled that as far as I know it was a peaceful night in the city of Boston, around New England and throughout the country. There will be millions of fans lining the parade route on Tuesday to honor our Super Bowl Champs. Some of you will be there, all of us are there is spirit. 

Incredible, Unbelievable, Phenomenal! Stupendous! 

Enjoy Life! 
Fr. Ron Coyne


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