December 31, 2017


Happy New Year! We wish all of our parishioners, neighbors, and friends the best as we all begin a new year together. I remember when I was at Sacred Heart in Roslindale (1984-1990). I sent a note to a teenager congratulating him on an accomplishment. It was at the end of 1985, so I wrote at the conclusion of the letter, “May 1986 be good to you.” When I saw him, he thanked me and asked me what was happening in May.

It was funny at the time; maybe you had to be there. I am still very close to him and his family. He probably doesn’t remember this but it brings a smile to my face.

You may not realize it, but in addition to being the feast of the Motherhood of Mary and New Year’s Day, January 1 is also the World Day of Prayer for Peace. As much as most people love the excitement and the opportunity that the holiday season presents, it is also a welcome feeling for us to get back to normal and our everyday lives. However, isn’t it our dream that the goodwill and peace we experience between the Thanksgiving holiday through the Christmas season to New Year’s Day would continue throughout the year?

A few years ago I reflected on the ceasefire that was declared during war as a tribute to the birth of Christ and what it symbolized. I know that everyone in the wider world is not Christian, but I believe we are called and challenged to lead by example. Now more than ever, this wonderful world of ours is in need of the peace that Christ promised. We are his disciples and we need to put down weapons of hate and words of division that only lead to violence and war. As we begin this New Year together, let each of us make a resolution that we will be the one to choose discussion over debate, dialogue over monologue, listening over talking, whispering over screaming, intervention over indifference, and love over hate.

The path to making that a reality is to be aware of our emotions at all times. Most of us know how we normally react to people and issues. If we can take a moment to think before we respond, it’s amazing what a difference it makes and how good we feel about that difference in ourselves and others. 

All that being said, “May 2018 be good to you”!

Enjoy life!
Fr. Coyne


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