December 30, 2018


Happy New Year!

On behalf of the staff at the Blue Hills Collaborative we want to wish all of our parishioners, neighbors, and friends the best as we anticipate the beginning of 2019. We hope it will be one of the best years of your life, the life of the Church, our country, and our world. For many people it is not the most hope filled of times because of so many personal issues or the tragedies and disasters that confront our world everyday. The letter of Paul to the Corinthians tells us that ”these are three gifts that last: Faith, Hope, and Love. And the greatest of these is love”. It would be interesting to take a survey of believers and see how many agree. I believe a good argument would be made by some in favor of faith and hope versus love. The view could definitely be determined by a person’s history and background.

We used to refer to these three as the theological virtues. When I speak about them I say faith is a gift, love is a response, and hope is a choice. With our world teetering on the edge of war I see faith as part of the solution and yet many may equate faith with the divisiveness that now exists among so many cultures and countries . Of course love definitely contributes positively to making our world a better place and yet the thin line between love and hate can be the cause of so much violence within families and between couples.

Then there’s hope. I mentioned that it’s a choice we make in life. It’s also an attitude. There is so much negative energy around us today not only in world events but in normal everyday conversation., that it’s so easy for people to become discouraged, depressed, and demoralized. That atmosphere can be contagious which is why we may choose not to spend a lot of time with those who choose to see the glass as half empty. We don’t need to be continually reminded of what is wrong with the world e.g. I am very aware of how disappointed I can be with world events, national politics, and Church issues. Obviously, I am happy to share my views when I’m in a discussion with others. But when I leave that encounter, I consciously decide that I’ve said what had to be said and I’m now leaving that conversation and moving on. Again, this hope is a choice. My faith life has never been stronger, my love life fluctuates, my hope is the foundation of both.

Happy New Year!
Father Coyne


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