December 24-25, 2016


On behalf of the entire staff at the Blue Hills Collaborative, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Our prayer is that you may be surrounded by those you love as you celebrate the birth of Jesus. I think for a lot of Catholics we identify much more with the events of Christmas than we do with Easter. Christmas seems to be a children’s holiday, whereas Easter identifies more with the adult population. The manger scene is a lot more comfortable for us than picturing the crucifixion. 

The Christmas story is a compilation of the birth narratives found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. They give very different accounts of the events surrounding the Nativity. We put them all together when we tell the story. We bring together the census, kings, shepherds, star, angels, Bethlehem, and Mary and Joseph. The Christmas story is not important because of how it took place, it is important because it took place. Jesus was born as we are and through that birth gave new meaning to being human. He was born in the image of God and had the body of Christ. We are born in the image of God and we are members of the body of Christ. As the Son of God, Jesus raised up humanity. 

Today we celebrate the sanctity of every human life. It is reassuring to know that it is not only my humanity that I share with all of God’s people, but it is the same humanity I share with God. 

Here we are over 2000 years since the events that surrounded the birth of Christ in a small village in the Middle East and today billions of people commemorate not only the birth, but the impact that birth has in how we live our lives. 

There is no doubt that the true meaning of Christmas is overshadowed for many by the commercialism and consumerism that can be overwhelming and frustrating. 

It’s so easy to get carried away by the expectations we place on ourselves and others in the gift giving category. I avoid all of that obsession since I never go to the store (It’s a good life!). I am a big check writer at Christmas. It’s not exciting but it works for me. I know I have the luxury of avoiding the madness that can surround shopping and from my point of view, it’s a blessing. I have to say that I have the greatest admiration for those who make an art of choosing the perfect gift for those on their list. They are special people. 

Fr Charles and I want to thank all of our parishioners and friends for you generosity during the Christmas season. It is nice to know we loved. 

May the birth of Christ bring hope to us all. 

Merry Christmas! 
Fr Coyne 


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