December 24, 2017


Merry Christmas!

This is truly meant to be a great time of year when we are able to look beyond the everyday problems that surround us and focus on the hope and possibilities brought about by the birth of Christ. Christmas Day gives new meaning to what it is to be human. 

Jesus surely experienced humanity and challenges us to follow in his footsteps. As I mentioned in a recent homily, “If I really believe that Jesus is the Son of God and came to reveal God to the world, then I have to concentrate on how he lived his life and how he loved his life.”

I know a lot of Catholics who try to live their life as Christ lived his life but have a very difficult time loving their life as Christ loved his life. I find it a real shame that so many, because of something that was said to them years ago about their humanity or their sinfulness, are unable years later to accept the strengths and weaknesses that are part of each of our lives. That guilt not only is carried by the person, but also can be passed on consciously or unconsciously to our loved ones.

The celebration of Christmas, coupled with the anticipation of Easter, is all about new birth and new life. If we truly believe that Christ’s birth gave dignity to every one of us and Christ’s Resurrection gave us reasons to know that death is not the end of life, then we should be at peace not only with God, but also with ourselves. 

We invite you and your loved ones to celebrate your Christianity and your Catholic faith with us on Christmas Day and throughout the New Year. Listen to the proclamation of how the birth of Jesus Christ changed the history of the world and then came to the table to share the Eucharist with us. Our faith is meant to uplift us and enhance our lives. We are meant to enjoy our church relationship. We try very hard in the three parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative to bring our people to a greater awareness of the respect and dignity of every one of us. Each of us, without exception, represents the Body of Christ. How you feel about yourself tells you a lot about whether you believe that. It makes all the difference in the world.

Merry Christmas!
Fr. Coyne


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