December 23, 2018


There are so many natural disasters in our world today. So many people lose their lives, their loved ones, their homes, and their livelihood. The recent wildfires in California remind me that jobs are lost and education has to cease for many of the families who are now homeless. It is difficult to even imagine the fright, panic, and depression that has to accompany this trauma for people of all ages. Reliving it for the rest of their lives has got to bring about nightmares and post traumatic stress.

I read recently of the gentleman who was only able to save one item from his home in California as it burned to the ground . What he was able to save from the flames was a Tom Brady Patriots jersey. As I write these words Tom Brady has been made aware of this man’s plight and is sending him an autographed football. This is a wonderful gesture and I am sure it’s one of those “feel good stories”.

I am grateful I have never been faced with the trauma or the choices that so many families experience as these disasters take away all their belongings. I do remember, however, when my parents died and we had to go through their belongings and decide what to part with and what we would save or keep. I learned a lot about myself and what I valued that my parents had in our home. I remember that there were certain “sacred objects” that I chose to keep while other items were discarded. What I saved wasn’t “sacred” because it was holy, it was “sacred” because it reminded me of my parents. Those items bring back wonderful memories to me that could be meaningless to others. They touch me emotionally and remind me of experiences that I shared with my parents.

My brother, sister, and I also had the same opportunity before we sold the home in West Roxbury four years ago. We had 54 years of living that were centered at 49 Carlson Circle. Many of the memories are carried within our hearts no matter where life takes us. But once again, there are “sacred objects ”that each of us chose to keep for whatever reason. I feel very good knowing that each of these cherished gifts is a way of keeping my parents' presence with me physically as well as emotionally, and spiritually. I also often choose to drive by our former home and am thrilled to know that another family is creating their own memories as we did. I’m a huge Tom Brady fan and I’d love to have an autographed football but it would never have the emotional attachment of the other “sacred objects” in my life.

Ma and Dad, thanks for the memories! Merry Christmas!

Love, Ron


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