August 20, 2017


I will probably be on vacation when you read these words. I am going on Retreat and then visiting my brother in Pennsylvania. I usually make my retreat on Enders Island in Mystic, Ct, but this year I am broadening my horizons. I hear of certain places that others have enjoyed and so I decided to go in a different direction (literally). My concept of a Retreat is to spend time alone walking and reading. I’ll also attend Mass each day with the community of those who are also on Retreat. I’m not sure if the meals are in silence or not. Some retreats have spiritual talks and some offer spiritual direction. I have a strong faith which has evolved and matured over the years so I am very conscious of the atmosphere at a Retreat house. I assess the atmosphere by how strongly I sense the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. My spiritual health has been so enhanced by the teachings of the Council.

After I am renewed spiritually, my sister and I are going to drive to Pennsylvania to visit my brother and sister-in-law. They have lived there for many years in Harrisburg and recently moved closer to Amish country. I speak with my brother weekly but unfortunately I haven’t been to see him in 3 years. He is 4 years younger than I am and is retired and living the good life. He and his wife celebrate their faith in the Episcopalian Church and speak highly about their priest. They are involved in their faith community and want us to meet her. Now that their children are grown and have moved on, my brother and his wife have centered a lot of their time adopting rescue dogs. Over recent years they have taken in many different breeds and given them a loving and nurturing home. They have taught me a lot about animals and pets. They become part of the family. The emotions shared with pets truly open my eyes to another world. I now know how traumatic it is for animal owners when they lose one of their pets. Those pets become part of the family and are present at all the occasions. They become dependent on their owners and people will care for them as they care for other family members.

I have read some wonderful books about animals also and they have expanded both my mind and heart.

I will miss you.

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Ron Coyne


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