August 13-14, 2016


I am going on vacation for two weeks and will leave you in the capable hands of Fr. Charles, who just returned from a visit to his home and family in the Congo. 

Since we sold my parents' home (October 2014) I've had to spend more time planning my time off. I used to just hang around our West Roxbury home (take care of the property, visit the neighbors and relax by reading). Everything has changed now. Last year I went on Retreat in Mystic CT, followed by a few days with my sister's family in Maine, and a few days at the Cape. This year I am going on Retreat again (same place), but after that I'm not sure. I might travel to Pennsylvania to see my brother, or Maine or the Cape. 

Wherever I go I will be bringing books with me. I've been an avid reader for about 20 years now. I've been on Emergency Response 3 times during this interval filling in for parishes where the pastor was alone, ill, on vacation, or was transferred with no immediate replacement for him available. I could be at one of the parishes for weeks or months, but did not have a lot of authority. Everyone would love you because you don't make any decisions, don't ask for money, and they can have an honest conversation with you about their parish because they know you are not staying. I have to admit, sometimes I love not having a lot of responsibility. Because of that I had plenty of time to read and also got into the habit of walking. I value both of these opportunities and believe that they contribute to good health and a positive attitude. 

This summer I listened intently as many of our parishioners told me of their upcoming vacation plans or shared their vacation stories when they returned. It's so good to realize that we all need a change of pace. What relaxes some people is not even attractive to others. It is like politics and religion. We all have our preferences, what makes us comfortable and what gives meaning to our lives. 

So God knows where I will be when you read this (She may not ever know!), but I hope I am enjoying life and having a good time. If I come back renewed and refreshed, I'm not the only one who benefits! We all like to be at our best and we know when we're not. 

As usual, it will be interesting to see where I go to Church on the weekend and how the experience will be. Some people say "What's the difference where you go?" It makes all the difference. I want it to be a celebration and I want to be spiritually enhanced by the experience. We attempt to create that atmosphere in the Collaborative. I hope we succeed. 

See you when I return. 

Enjoy Life! 
Fr Coyne


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