August 13, 2017


Last week I had the privilege of seeing the young people of our community and far beyond, rising to new heights. In both cases I was truly impressed by their spirit, enthusiasm and passion. On Thursday, 8/3, I went to the Riverside Theatre (Cleary Square) to watch the teenagers perform in “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” It was spectacular. Everything from the music, dancing and staging was done first class. I know some of the families and I know how proud these parents are to see their daughters and sons develop their talents, and realize how Broadway shows can enhance their lives and their audience. The Riverside Theatre is a true gem in our neighborhood and continues to encourage our children, teenagers and adults to become all they are created to be. Congratulations to our parishioner, Marietta Phinney, for her long-time dedication to our community. You make all the difference in the world!

On Friday night, 8/4, Most Precious Blood Church welcomed the Boston Crusaders Drum Corps to the Church for their annual “History Night.” The Crusaders began 77 years ago at MPB and now boasts 150 members from around the world. They range in age from 18 - 22 years of age. The Corps competes all summer throughout our country. Their season begins in May and finishes up this week as the members all return to school. I met young people in the Corps from Indiana, Texas, Florida and Japan. They represent 27 different states. There are only about 15 members from Massachusetts. The Corps is having one of its best years ever. They come to MPB for one evening each summer as they are made aware that the Crusaders have a long and proud history of which they are privileged to be a part. This evening they heard from 4 former members of the Corps who spoke about what history has to do with who we are today. I was hanging on every word as was every one of the members. They heard from our parishioners and former Crusaders Don Whitman and Steve Dolley, as well as former Crusaders Chris Holland (Dorchester) and Mike Woodall (West Roxbury). These young men and women know so well that when they step foot on the competition field there are not just 160 of them, they have with them all those who ever wore that black, red and white uniform throughout the years. They left the Church and headed to Allentown, PA to compete on 8/5.

Both the Riverside Theatre and the Boston Crusaders continue to make us proud as they commemorate their past, celebrate their present and anticipate their future. They both began in our back yard and coincidentally the Riverside Theatre is now owned by the Boston Crusaders. Their histories continue to unfold right before our eyes. Knowing there are young people like this in our world makes it so much easier to…

Enjoy Life!
Fr. Ron Coyne


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