April 7, 2019


We congratulate St. Anne Parish as they begin their celebration of 100 years serving the Readville/Dedham community and beyond. Every parish in our collaborative has a storied history (MPB 139 years) and (St. Pius X 65 years). Each of these faithful communities has celebrated anniversaries in the past and have wonderful memories of the men and women who have served in ministry at the Churches, schools, religious education programs and parishes. I guarantee that the priests, women religious, and deacons who have had the privileged of serving in our neighborhoods were enhanced by the faith and spirit of the parishioners. If it were not for the respect and trust of Catholic families, local churches would never survive or thrive. This year we honor the past generations who contributed to building St. Anne Church and parish school. Their financial, physical, and spiritual stewardship is why we are here today. Some of our longtime families can trace their roots back to 1919. Others found their dream home in our community following WWII and have raised their children here (some even now see their grandchildren growing up and celebrating their faith with us at St. Anne). Then there are the newer members of the parish who may be here only 30 years or less.

It was in 2014,when Father Charles and I arrived on the scene, that St. Anne parish became part of the Blue Hills Collaborative sharing our faith and our facilities with Most Precious Blood and St. Pius X parishes.

Our 100th Anniversary committee has been meeting monthly since June 2018 to plan our celebrations, as best we can, for today’s parishioners and hopefully for many former parishioners who have moved to other parts of our city or to the suburbs. We rely on you to let them know what is happening throughout the year so they can celebrate with us and renew their friendships.

I want to thank the members of our 100th Anniversary Committee for their time and talent. We have sat together many hours to plan and oversee every activity that will commemorate how proud we are to be Catholic in 2019.

Obviously, since our faith is at the root of our existence, we encourage every one of our parishioners, friends, neighbors, and former parishioners to join us at the weekend Masses on Saturday and Sunday May 4-5 for the actual 100th Anniversary celebrations. Father Charles or I will celebrate the 4pm (Mass May 4th) and the 7:30 am and 9:00 am Masses on (May 5th).  The principal Mass for our anniversary will be celebrated by Cardinal Sean O’Malley at 11:30 am (May 5).  Please join us for any celebration that is convenient for you and your family. We have invited priests, women religious and deacons who served here in the past to join us at 11:30 am.

Following the 11:30 Mass that day, everyone is invited to continue our celebration at a collation in the Collaborative Center.

It would mean the world to us if you can join us. This is truly a celebration for all 3 parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative

Enjoy Life!

Father Coyne


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