April 29, 2018


Throughout my years as a priest I have heard from priests in parishes that were comprised of more than one town geographically, that they found it difficult. These were the days before Collaboration. Most parishes “in the old days” were in neighborhoods that were homogeneous. As you know, I grew up in Holy Name, which is a parish with boundaries in Roslindale and West Roxbury. I lived in Roslindale until I was 13 then we moved to West Roxbury but we were always in Holy Name. As I remember, there were the normal rivalries between whether your address was in Roslindale or West Roxbury. I was stationed in a parish that had friendly competition between the zip codes 02122 and 02124. Most of that is in good fun and we can appreciate it, e.g. when I grew up we wouldn’t even date a girl from St. Theresa’s. 

When Collaboration came to our community (2014) we were asked to bring together not only the parishes of Most Precious Blood, St. Pius X, and St. Anne; we were also merging Readville, Milton, Hyde Park, and Dedham. Our three parishes comprise two Boston neighborhoods as well as two adjoining suburbs. I have to say how blessed we are to have these four neighborhoods celebrating and socializing together with such ease and cooperation. I realize that many of those living in Dedham and Milton have strong ties to and backgrounds in the City of Boston. We are also blessed in the Blue Hills Collaborative with faith-filled parishioners from many other towns and zip codes who choose to celebrate in our three parishes.

I hope those who join us at our weekend liturgies, weekdays and sacramental celebrations enjoy the spirit of the Blue Hills Collaborative. I realize some may have a strong relationship with their priests and love the musical program. For some of our parishioners the time of the Mass becomes more important than the church in which they celebrate. So we are finding more and more of our parishioners crossing over parish boundaries and at times celebrating weekend Mass at one of the other parishes of the Collaborative. We believe that is a wonderful sign of growth and hopefully reflects on how welcome they feel in all three parishes.

We deeply respect the history of each parish, while at the same time want to do all we can to convince the Catholic community that even though we are three parishes, there is only one of us. 

Thank you to the families of Dedham, Hyde Park, Milton and Readville and beyond for leading by example.

Enjoy life!
Fr. Coyne


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