April 28, 2019


We are so blessed in our 3 parishes with men and women and their families who are determined to continue the wonderful legacy they received from their ancestors in the faith. In times like the holydays, most recently Holy Week and Easter, our Churches are clean and welcoming places for all of our Liturgical celebrations, thanks to their selflessness and hard work. Holy Week is a major undertaking because we want the experience of Church to be a positive time in the lives of our Catholic families at Most Precious Blood, St. Anne and St. Pius X parishes. We are also thankful for all of our wonderful parishioners and their loved ones who joined us on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Your presence and faith enhance our celebrations. We know there are many Catholic families who may not celebrate with us throughout the year but do join us at Christmas and Easter. We are grateful any time you celebrate with us. Our 3 churches are gifts to the Hyde Park, Dedham, Readville, and Milton communities. We have wonderful people who assure that our worship space is clean and inviting throughout the year. We thank these volunteers for their love of God and the Church. The time and energy put into decorating for Holy Week and Easter is truly noticed and appreciated. The choice of flowers and the arrangements set a wonderful, joy filled time and is inspiring for all those who come to our Churches. We realize we could never provide this atmosphere if it was not for our parishioners who have made donations for Easter flowers in their own name or in the names of deceased loved ones. This is such a wonderful sign of your generosity and spirit.

Music is so necessary to assure that our Liturgies touch the congregation spiritually and emotionally. Our Director of Music, David Jenkins, our choirs, leaders of song and musicians are so dedicated. They love what they do and bring our services to a new level. What a huge difference they make for all those who celebrate with us. The Holy Week and Easter services could never take place if it were not for all those who serve in our various liturgical ministries before, during, and after Mass. They are here throughout the year as ushers, lectors, altar servers, and Eucharistic ministers. Their involvement in ministry is a gift to us. As you know, the entire Easter Collection is given to the support for the retired priests of the Archdiocese of Boston and their health care needs. The generosity of all those who came to Easter Masses at the Blue Hills Collaborative is a sign of just how much we value the history of our parishes and the ministry of those priests who have served us so well in the past. We also have parishioners who no longer are physically able to come to Church who continue to support the Church financially. 

Father Charles and I are truly grateful to all of you.

Father Coyne


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