April 2-3, 2016


We have a wonderful relationship among the staff at the Blue Hills Collaborative. I was in the midst of a conversation with a couple of staff members last week when something went through my mind and I said “ I think I’d like to work for me.” I was kidding, but I wasn’t. So I started to think about what I would think of me if I was working with me.

I begin by saying “I think I am a nice guy.” I don’t have a lot of unresolved anger. I enjoy life and have a healthy family background. I don’t think I am a control freak or a micro manager. I believe the relationship among all staff members sets the tone in the Collaborative. Communication is a priority. I am driven and task-oriented but I am a laid back type of guy. I love conversation whether it is serious or everyday chatter, and so I am comfortable with just about anyone. My faith is a given in my life. My understanding of God has evolved tremendously over the years. Because I am at peace with God and myself, I do my best to help others be at peace with God and themselves. If my understanding of God was rigid or fear-filled, I don’t believe I would be as comfortable listening to others who had a different views of God, but I do respect their personal spiritual journeys which may not be the same as mine. I know I have a very strong personality and need to respect others’ opinions and try to draw tem out if they are quieter. I respect their input. I don’t like confrontation, so I may hesitate making decisions if it would offend someone.

I discovered early that you discover a lot about yourself once you are in a position of authority. You are forced to decide what your priorities are and those working with you sense that very quickly. My priority is the people of the Blue Hills Collaborative. I realize my presence and example are invaluable. I don’t expect anyone on the staff to do something that I myself am unwilling to do. Discussion and dialog are vital to our understanding of our mission and success. I tend to be optimistic and positive about life itself and focus on the goodness in myself and in others. These is enough negativity in the world, I choose not to add to it. My energy level is above normal and I can tend to expect a lot from others as well.
I know that the Church is my avenue into peoples’ lives. How blessed I am to meet amd befriend so many. I hope I treat each one with dignity and respect.

It is not easy to talk about yourself. I am the person with whom I spend the most time, so I better enjoy my own company. If I don’t like me, how can I expect others to feel?

I believe the staff brings out the best in me and to them I say “Thank you.”

Enjoy Life! 
Fr. Coyne


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