April 16-17, 2016

We wish you all a very happy Patriots Day and a wonderful spring vacation for all of our children and teenagers. It is a good time of year to get locked into a 162 game season for the Sox and plant seeds in the garden for our flowers and vegetables. 

Since 2013, Marathon Monday has taken on a whole new meaning in Boston and around the world. 
Seeing the words, “Boston Strong,” brings both sadness and pride. 

Our world today is unpredictable. That is so foreign to those of us who grew up in another era where life was able to be lived without fear and trepidation. In my time it was Communism and the cold War that were in the backs of our minds, but we still believed that those were vague threats and years from becoming reality. We trusted our leaders to keep us safe. Wars were fought traditionally, over years if not decades and took place elsewhere.

Today, terrorism and suicide bombings occur worldwide and can disrupt communities and neighborhoods in an instant. There is no warning, no preparation, just immediate devastation. And the aftermath. 

I am proud of our country and our leadership role in this world. As education opportunities increase throughout the world, as religious fanaticism spreads, as the demands for equal rights become prevalent and as access to weapons becomes available, we now live in a different world. 

How often do we hear ourselves saying we fear for our children and grandchildren's future? Again it is the unpredictable and the unknown that frighten us. We want to believe that family, faith and friends still play a major role in the lives of those we love. But we also know that there are so many other influences that we and they need to face every day that never entered our minds years ago. 

I write this as we prepare to welcome millions of people into Boston and the surrounding towns for the 120th running of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18th. I have the utmost respect for each runner and I am intrigued by their stories. The Boston Marathon is about the innate goodness in every human being and the unlimited potential that is present in a community that gathers to make a positive impact in our society. 

The Blue Hills Collaborative encourages and affirms the efforts of all who participate and we pray that all those who celebrate Marathon Monday will be safe from harm and return to their loved ones with their minds and hearts renewed in the Goodness of Humanity.

Enjoy Life! 
Fr. Coyne


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