Pastor Notes

June 2018

Jun 15

June 17, 2018

Friends, On behalf of myself, Fr. Charles, and the staff of the Blue Hills Collaborative, I wish the families and the men of our three parishes a Happy Father's Day.  As I write these words, I think of all the wonderful occasions throughout the year when I either applaud, congratulate, or wish you the best on days designed to honor...
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Jun 8

June 10, 2018

Friends, We want to wish all of our parishioners and friends a wonderful summer.  New England prides itself on the gift of four seasons and the joy that each season brings to our communities. Everyone has a favorite season of the year, and for many it is summer. A lot of it has to do with the weather, the relaxed atmosphere, vacation time,...
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Jun 1

June 3, 2018

Friends, As you may remember, Pope Francis recently described the Catholic Church as a “field hospital”.  That quality resonated with many Catholics who felt it was a wonderful description.  I was speaking with a classmate of mine last week who said he believes many Catholics and others might describe the Catholic Church...
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