June 30, 2019

" Since the birth of this nation brave men and women have fought to ensure our freedom. What does freedom mean to you? The right to vote, the right to free speech and a free press? The right to practice your religion, love whom you want, dress and be who you are, and allow those around you to do the same?
We are free to live our lives but it is not unconditional. We may exercise our freedom so long as we don’t impinge on someone else's freedom. If I can practice my religion they should be able to practice theirs without fear . If I can speak my political view then so can the next person without it turning ugly. Different is not wrong it is only different. The brave men and women who have fought and currently serve to protect us have a multitude of opinions, views, and ideas. They are not just fighting for those but so that everyone can exercise freedoms. The right to have an opinion and not be harassed due to it is a freedom. Something we should all think about. "


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