July 7, 2019

"  The following is not an admission but a hypothetical situation if you happen to be a State Police Officer reading this blurb…

When did driving become a contact sport? I have a fair commute from Marshfield to Hyde Park daily. Depending on several factors like time of day, construction , any precipitation of any kind in any amount can double my commute. I accept that I am a Bostonian.

What I can not accept is the aggressive, dangerous and out right craziness of drivers. (Hypothetically) I drive 65-70 mph coming up route 3. Faster than the posted speed but about what others are driving. Yet, I get drivers on my bumper, blinking their lights and angling to get around me so they are one car ahead. I see drivers weave in and out of traffic to gain nothing. They pass me doing at least 80 or 90 mph. Where are we all going in such a hurry?

I have a theory about this issue. We have become a society of me first and have packed so much into a day we don’t have time for the commute. We are busy all day get to bed late after watching TV, wake early to take a run or take care of the family before work, we are late out of the door and try to make up the time on the road. Tired, late, and angry we get behind the wheel and off we go. The same thing day in and day out. No wonder we have road rage, senseless accidents, and such craziness behind the wheel.

We have been blessed with natural beauty, we don’t even see. The smell of the fresh air or feel of a gentle breeze. We are missing out on so much because we have jammed so much into our days. Why not take a little time to distress? We control much of our daily schedules. Why not take a walk at lunch, record the TV show, give yourself some extra time in the am. Slow down life is not a race but a journey. Remember if life is a race the one to get to the end first may not be the winner.

Enjoy the summer! "



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