July 14, 2019

" My husband and I were in New Hampshire over the weekend and witnessed an amazing display of loyalty and support. Some 3,000 plus motorcyclists participated in a memorial ride in honor of the 7 motorcyclists from the Jarheads Motorcycle Club killed in Randolph, NH It is alleged that the young man who hit and killed them was under the influence. We were not there for the memorial but happened upon it by chance.

We saw men and women from every race, creed, and culture come to pay respect to those killed. Scary looking biker dudes with tears running down their cheeks, retired military holding back their emotions, people who rode expensive bikes, inexpensive bikes, all kinds of bikes. It didn’t matter they were there for one reason. We saw thousands of average residents just there in unity. The message was that we need to take care of each other and watch out for each other. (Motorcycles are everywhere.)

How sad it takes a tragedy to bring people together. How sad someone or in this case 7 people had to die before we see the need to take care of one another, watch out for one another, think about the other guy. I pray that people left the memorial and heard the message. It doesn’t matter if you are the scary dude, the BMW owner, the driver operating under the influence or the person on the street we all need to watch out for the other guy.

I in no way condone what the truck driver did. I do not condone that he was impaired. However, he will have to live with what he has done. He is likely going to jail for a very long time as deserved. My question Who was watching out for him??"


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