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Thank You from Father Joe

I want to thank all of you who were praying for my mother, Theresa Mazzone, as she was dealing with the very severe challenges posed by her cancer treatment. She was so deeply grateful to all of you.

My mother passed away last night, May 10 at 9pm. Her death was quite peaceful and holy. Her whole family was with her, praying for her. For a woman of such deep faith, she would want that more than anything else. The words of her beloved prayers were the last thing she heard on this earth. In this respect, I would say that your prayers for her were certainly answered. Your prayers help prepare her for the moment she longed for more than anything else, to see her Savior Jesus face-to-face. I am eternally grateful to all of you. I ask you to please pray for me and my family.

I was extremely close to my mother, and it was her example of faith that inspired me to become a priest. The loss I feel is quite profound. But I have the deepest faith that the Lord will heal my broken heart and that together one day, with my father Remo, we will be able to praise God together in heaven.

God bless you all, and please be assured that I pray for you all every day.


Fr. Joe


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