Isn't Life Grand! Changes for 2019-2020

We have been blessed with her presence, personality, and dedication to the parishes of the Blue Hills Collaborative. Colleen will be stepping aside and will no longer be able to continue after the September 7th drawing at St. Pius X hall.

In her absence, we will NOT accept new memberships after the September 7th drawing.  We now have 802 members and anyone wishing to join for the rest of the year (September - June) may send a check for $50 (made payable to Most Precious Blood) to the Collaborative Center (eligibility for the 10 remaining drawings of the year).  Meanwhile, beginning in October, the actual drawings will be moved to the Collaborative Center - date and time to be announced.

We are hoping that another wonderful person is out there somewhere in the Collaborative who would love this challenge and opportunity to become the new coordinator for the club. Obviously this person should be enthusiastic, love the Collaborative and have organizational skills. The "Isn't Life Grand!" program is on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.  

If you are interested in filling this position and taking on this responsibility, please call Fr. Coyne (617-364-9500). He will put you in touch with Colleen, who will be happy to help you with the transition. If we do get a new person, we can once again open up memberships for the remainder of the year, ending in June, 2020. We know that many people like to give 1/2 year memberships as Christmas gifts.

This club is a major contribution to our financial stability as a Collaborative plus it builds up a great spirit among those who belong.  If you have the skills and want to contribute to the future vibrancy of our three parishes, please call now.




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