Ushers & Greeters

Ministers of Hospitality


  • Direct the seating of the assembly, especially when the church is nearly full and seats are hard to find
  • Collect financial offerings from the congregation using baskets, and then securing the offerings following the mass
  • Welcome parishioners as they enter the church
  • Hand out music, programs, or bulletins before or after the Mass

For information on becoming an Usher/Greeter, please contact the Blue Hills Collaborative offices or volunteer online by clicking here. Training for NEW Ushers/Greeters takes place at a mutally agreed time.


Preferences Form for Ushers/Greeters

Usher vs. Collector

What’s the difference? Well, saying an Usher is only a Collector, is like saying a Flight Attendant only hands out drinks. Being an Usher is participating in a ministry. It is taking some responsibility for the safety and comfort of the parishioners, thus allowing them to participate more fully in the Mass. If you would like to learn more, stop by the Collaborative Center for one of our upcoming trainings. We have plenty of collectors; but we desperately need a few good men or women to stand tall and say, “I want to be an Usher!”

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