Spiritual Nourishment for Grieving Parents

Several years ago, the Archdiocese of Boston partnered with the Emmaus Ministry for Grieving Parents to offer One-Hour, One-Day, and Weekend Spiritual Retreats to minister to these heartbroken parents who need it so much.

These retreats focus on the spirituality of the grieving process and the rich teachings of the Catholic Church--constantly reminding parents that life has changed, not ended. Their children are very much alive and well and at work in their lives every day. As grieving parents, they need to hear that message over and over again.

Emmaus Ministry retreats are not workshops, seminars, or even support groups. They offer parents the opportunity to get away from everyday life and focus on where God is right now--and where their children are. If you know of any grieving parents, please tell them about our upcoming Archdiocese of Boston retreats.

For more information on this ministry and a complete listing of all of our retreats in New England and beyond, please see www.emfgp.org.




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