The Christmas Bazaar

The Christmas Bazaar was first organized by the women of St. Anne's Sodality in 1961. After a tremendous amount of volunteer effort, the first Bazaar was held in St. Anthony's Hall at the corner of River and Norton Streets. The original Bazaar ran from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening. Proceeds of this first Bazaar were $812. 

From 1961 to 1974 the Bazaar grew. The Holy Name Society added a "Wheel of Chance" and helped set up the hall. The location was shifted to the Old School Hall (formerly St. Rafael’s District School) on Readville Street, and finally to the St. Anne’s School. 

In 1974, the format of the Bazaar was revamped with the parish providing funds for materials to make merchandise. Rotating chairladies were introduced to insure continuity and consistent improvement. The incoming chairlady observed and learned how to organize the event from her predecessors. The past chairlady shared her experience and insights with the new leaders. 

By the mid-1990’s "competition" had become stiffer, but the Bazaar continued to be a major contributor to the Parish, supported by the talent and generosity of the hundreds of volunteers who participated over the years. 

The Bazaar ended its 50-year run when the St. Anne School building was leased to Parkside Christian Academy. But when the building returned to St. Anne’s control during the formation of the Blue Hills Collaborative, plans for the return of the Christmas Bazaar commenced!

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