A Priest and a Rabbi walk into a bar...

The past 2 sessions were sold out (even though there was no charge).

This is a wonderful opportunity to have our minds and hearts expanded by learning about others’ stories. We all have many questions about our own religion as well as the faith of others.  Father Coyne and Rabbi Stern will respond to those queries.

Those people who are currently on the wait list from the last session will be contacted to see if they would like to come on June 3. It is unlikely that we will have many if any seats left. The current wait list exceeds the number of seats available for the Collaborative.

When we resume in the fall we hope to have a larger venue to accommodate more people.
There is a cash bar and free food.

Click below to see a clip of the Jan. 28 event with  Fr. Coyne singing one of his favorite songs.




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